A beginning after the end

I started the blog on WordPress on the day I thought that my life as I knew it was coming to an end. About two weeks later it turned out that it was going to stay as it was after all, but I’d been forewarned.

The beast called Change is always lurking in the shadows. Most of the time we don’t know it’s there or complacently choose to ignore it until it pounces on us.

That’s what happened to me, but that time Change missed the jugular. And yet, even though it has left me unscathed, I’m no longer complacent.

I don’t know how yet, but I’m going to tame Change, so that instead of being scared all the time that it will pounce on me again I can summon it myself and have it eat out of my hand when I’m ready to welcome it into my life.

This blog is a friendly hand that I’m stretching out to Change, so that it can sniff at my fingers and I can learn to believe that it won’t bite them off.

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