I look at some of my married friends and it seems like they got married because of something that I’d call a puzzle-piece vision. They took a random puzzle piece out of a box and there was a picture of family happiness on it so they enthusiastically bought the whole box, but then, over the years, as they were piecing the puzzle together they discovered that that first piece was only a tiny fragment of the whole and the rest of the picture looked much, much gloomier than they’d ever suspect it would, but then it was too late to exchange their box for another one because the puzzle was already half finished and the only thing they could do was to bravely keep on adding more pieces, still hoping to make the picture look bright, striving to make it look bright for the sake of the children who by then were working on it together with them, resetting the pieces that the children’s father messed up as fast as they could, making light of the mess because there was no escape from it, so the best thing to do was to pretend that it was less of a mess than it was.


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