I look at some of my married friends and it seems like they got married because of something that I’d call a puzzle-piece vision. They took a random puzzle piece out of a box and there was a picture of family happiness on it so they enthusiastically bought the whole box, but then, over the... Continue Reading →


‘Don’t throw your Britishness at me,’ a work colleague told me.  It was meant in a tongue-in-the-cheek way, and I took no offence, but the remark left me as confused as I was amused. Do I really come across as British? I wondered. That led us to an interesting conversation about identity, and how it... Continue Reading →

The chocolate box

I used to believe that my life was a bottomless chocolate box, and my only worry was that one day I’d die having eaten just halfway through all the delicious layers neatly stacked inside. Was I wrong? For some time now, every single chocolate I’ve picked up from the box turns out to be mouldy,... Continue Reading →

What to believe

It’s truly impressive how far we are ready to go and what obstacles we are able to overcome if we believe there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The questions that I leave unanswered

I post a picture of the sunrise on Instagram and hashtag the location. Almost immediately I get a series of messages from A., someone who has never been more than a casual acquaintance, probing into my whereabouts with a series of increasingly invasive questions, undeterred by my lack of response. It’s the first time I’ve... Continue Reading →

East, West

Europe and Asia nestle in my heart next to each other and wherever I am, I’m forever condemned to missing the place where I’m not.  I’m going to bid farewell to the summer of my life in Asia, and I hope to spend my autumn in Europe.  May the weather be golden.

Counting sheep

On the days when I’m not writing I get anxious that I’ve lost my command of language, that next time I try words will fail me. After reading millions of words written by other people, my own always seem inept, squeezed in my brain like sheep in a pen, baaing for attention, but when I... Continue Reading →

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