The chocolate box

I used to believe that my life was a bottomless chocolate box, and my only worry was that one day I’d die having eaten just halfway through all the delicious layers neatly stacked inside. Was I wrong? For some time now, every single chocolate I’ve picked up from the box turns out to be mouldy,... Continue Reading →

The questions that I leave unanswered

I post a picture of the sunrise on Instagram and hashtag the location. Almost immediately I get a series of messages from A., someone who has never been more than a casual acquaintance, probing into my whereabouts with a series of increasingly invasive questions, undeterred by my lack of response. It’s the first time I’ve... Continue Reading →

East, West

Europe and Asia nestle in my heart next to each other and wherever I am, I’m forever condemned to missing the place where I’m not.  I’m going to bid farewell to the summer of my life in Asia, and I hope to spend my autumn in Europe.  May the weather be golden.

Counting sheep

On the days when I’m not writing I get anxious that I’ve lost my command of language, that next time I try words will fail me. After reading millions of words written by other people, my own always seem inept, squeezed in my brain like sheep in a pen, baaing for attention, but when I... Continue Reading →


Years of travelling have changed my relationship with the things I own. My predilection for fancy mugs, arty trinkets, and chunky boots has stayed the same, but I’ve started to notice the importance of the settings in which the things are used.  The fanciest of mugs turns into just another piece of junk if I... Continue Reading →

Not now, not yet

What I do at work most of the day, every day, is engage in a caricatural form of communication that consists in passing on bits of information to various people through various channels, incessantly, and at a great speed. If I blinked, I’d fall behind. I don’t care about the people I communicate with, nor... Continue Reading →


The places that would make a stranger feel at home exist only in TV series, the kind that I’ve been too grown up to watch for the past thirty years. There’s no Little House on the Prairie anywhere in the world, just rented flats, mortgaged flats, and company flats with bare walls and substandard toilets, shared with... Continue Reading →

The virtues of work

I’ve been active in the job market for over a quarter of a century, jumping countries and continents, and I'm yet to see a workplace that wouldn’t function in a way which is purely absurd. Perhaps absurdity is an inherent feature of every human organisation.  The term ‘work culture’ makes fuss over the existence of... Continue Reading →

Looks, the (un)importance of

My looks result from the combination of genetic makeup, grooming habits, and lifestyle choices. I can tweak only the latter two factors, obviously. Do I want to? Not really. I’m too busy making the lifestyle choices oriented towards grooming my mindscape. At the same time, though, I’m doing my best not to hurt too much... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I went out for dinner with three female friends.  Two of us wore trainers, a random sweater, and no makeup, sporting undyed, unstyled, greying hair and hands wearing no traces of manicure.  The other two wore cocktail dresses, stiletto heels, chunky golden jewellery, red nail polish, and nice haircuts blond enough not to show... Continue Reading →

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