What to believe

It’s truly impressive how far we are ready to go and what obstacles we are able to overcome if we believe there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The Apennines

A photo taken in February 2020. It's a somewhat comforting thought that a pandemic and a war in Europe later, this place is still out there.


One of the few things that we really have the power to choose is to choose what we want to hold on to and what we want to let go of.

Reaching Out

Berlin, Germany. Mauerskulpturen by Eberhard Foest commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall. On both sides of every wall there are people curious to know each other.

A wishing tree

The idea of choosing a tree to make a wish spans cultures and continents. This one grows on the campus of Dalian Polytechnic University in Dalian city, Liaoning province, China. Students hang their offerings on the tree to ask for good luck in their exams and other endeavours.

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