Yesterday I went out for dinner with three female friends.  Two of us wore trainers, a random sweater, and no makeup, sporting undyed, unstyled, greying hair and hands wearing no traces of manicure.  The other two wore cocktail dresses, stiletto heels, chunky golden jewellery, red nail polish, and nice haircuts blond enough not to show... Continue Reading →

A wishing tree

The idea of choosing a tree to make a wish spans cultures and continents. This one grows on the campus of Dalian Polytechnic University in Dalian city, Liaoning province, China. Students hang their offerings on the tree to ask for good luck in their exams and other endeavours.

A hometown, not a home

There are times when I feel a certain fondness for my hometown even though I’ve been dreaming of leaving it for as long as I remember. Now I’m about to leave it again, for the umpteenth time.  Nostalgia doesn’t colour my vision. I see the town for what it is: a place without hope. An... Continue Reading →


We shouldn’t hate; hatred is such an ugly thing. Poisons your mind and body. Don’t hate, forgive. Then, no matter how fucked up and screwed over you are, at least you can enjoy your moral superiority. It’s much better to feel good about yourself than feel bad about others, the reasoning goes. At least if... Continue Reading →

On travelling

My journeys don't end in lovers meeting. My journeys don't end. I’m leaving soon, again. I've been living in a permanent liminal state for so many years that it turned from a thrill into a bother. When I go shopping, I pass people in the street and I’m envious of their lives: staying in one place and... Continue Reading →

contract of lease

life a plot of eternity leased from infinity term of lease shall be fixed by the lessor the contract may be renewed only by your successor

thief of time

against all logic and gravity I stole some happy times from eternity alas, they passed! short-lived was my glee because eternity stole them back from me now I'm trying in vain to snatch them back again

A beginning after the end

I started the blog on WordPress on the day I thought that my life as I knew it was coming to an end. About two weeks later it turned out that it was going to stay as it was after all, but I'd been forewarned. The beast called Change is always lurking in the shadows.... Continue Reading →

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