The chocolate box

I used to believe that my life was a bottomless chocolate box, and my only worry was that one day I’d die having eaten just halfway through all the delicious layers neatly stacked inside. Was I wrong? For some time now, every single chocolate I’ve picked up from the box turns out to be mouldy,... Continue Reading →

contract of lease

life a plot of eternity leased from infinity term of lease shall be fixed by the lessor the contract may be renewed only by your successor

thief of time

against all logic and gravity I stole some happy times from eternity alas, they passed! short-lived was my glee because eternity stole them back from me now I'm trying in vain to snatch them back again

A beginning after the end

I started the blog on WordPress on the day I thought that my life as I knew it was coming to an end. About two weeks later it turned out that it was going to stay as it was after all, but I'd been forewarned. The beast called Change is always lurking in the shadows.... Continue Reading →

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